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Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog

FunPosted by Andreas 10 Apr, 2011 13:30:06

Dr. Horrible wants to take over the world, but has also fallen in love with Penny. When Penny falls in love with his arch nemesis Captain Hammer nothing will stand in his way!

Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion & Felicia Day is a combination that just can't go wrong. Made in 2008 and I discovered this little musical first yesterday. smiley
But now I've seen it and it was wonderful! Watch it!

Adam Baldwin sings "Hero of Canton"

FunPosted by Andreas 16 Mar, 2011 21:55:31

If you have seen the TV series "Firefly" you will love this. If you haven't seen it, well, what are you waiting for?


FunPosted by Andreas 07 Oct, 2010 19:57:08

Sometimes simple things can be really funny! I found a site where you trade files with strangers. You upload a file and get something else in return - simple, fun, and addictive. smiley

Try it out!

AT-AT afternoon

FunPosted by Andreas 09 Jul, 2010 11:15:32

So cute!

Awkward job interview

FunPosted by Andreas 16 May, 2010 21:44:56

Back to the future (with a twist)

FunPosted by Andreas 13 Feb, 2010 10:28:39

Global warming?

FunPosted by Andreas 10 Jan, 2010 19:30:19

Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga's 'Poker face'

FunPosted by Andreas 03 Nov, 2009 18:21:27


Baby rocker

FunPosted by Andreas 19 Sep, 2009 19:07:43

We have some couples we know that are expecting babies early next year. We also know that they like computers... so here is an idea:

Death Star conspiracy theories

FunPosted by Andreas 19 Sep, 2009 19:03:43

AT-AT's in Iraq?

FunPosted by Andreas 12 Aug, 2009 21:51:09

Do you speak english?

FunPosted by Andreas 30 Jul, 2009 19:47:49

From the british comedy show "Big train", which I highly recommend.


FunPosted by Andreas 27 Jul, 2009 20:22:49

My lasting impression from Star Trek Voyager as well. smiley

Darth Vader and his troopers dance to MC Hammer

FunPosted by Andreas 18 Jul, 2009 08:44:55

Duke Nukem's disease

FunPosted by Andreas 09 Jul, 2009 19:46:37

Luckily I never caught it... smiley

Lonely AT-AT

FunPosted by Andreas 06 Jul, 2009 21:26:40

Cool guys don't look at explosions

FunPosted by Andreas 02 Jul, 2009 17:52:35

The same criteria we have at work... smiley

Tow truck

FunPosted by Andreas 16 Jun, 2009 14:00:00

You should never make a woman angry. smiley