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Within Temptation - Trädgår'n Göteborg

MusicPosted by Andreas 30 Oct, 2011 14:47:40

Last wednesday Jenny and I went to Gothenburg to see Within Temptation. The concert was in a small club, which provided a perfect view. All the right songs were on the menu and our hotel was right next door - all in all a very nice evening.

September, Huskvarna Folkets Park

MusicPosted by Andreas 27 Apr, 2011 21:50:09

Last week we went to a concert with September. Nice, but a little short (less than an hour).

Lissie, Göta Källare

MusicPosted by Andreas 29 Mar, 2011 20:34:00

Last week a was on a business trip to Stockholm and decided to do something besides sitting in a hotel room. So I went to a club and saw Lissie perform. Was pretty nice. smiley

Lady Gaga, Malmö Arena

MusicPosted by Andreas 21 Nov, 2010 19:03:59

This weekend we went to Lady Gaga's concert in Malmö. It wasn't as good as we had hoped for (the show was kind of silly), but that lady sure can sing. All in all, a nice evening.

The Lonely Island - Incredibad

MusicPosted by Andreas 11 Aug, 2010 20:14:33


This is a strange album. Most of the songs are crap, but the few ones that aren't are incredibly (incredibadly?) good. "Jizz in my pants", "Boombox" and "Like a boss" have quickly become some of my favourite songs ever - but the rest I can do without.

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

MusicPosted by Andreas 11 Aug, 2010 19:54:26


Kylie Minogue's latest album is very mainstream. Not bad, but nothing special either. All the songs sound almost the same and are about 3.5 minutes long - just as if the record was made according to a pop recipe.

The Lonely Island - Boombox

MusicPosted by Andreas 04 Jun, 2010 23:10:03

Be aware of the power of the boombox... smiley

Little Boots - Hands

MusicPosted by Andreas 15 May, 2010 20:31:55


A sweet and charming pop album.

Rammstein - Haifisch

MusicPosted by Andreas 23 Apr, 2010 17:33:04

La Roux

MusicPosted by Andreas 17 Apr, 2010 09:15:55


A mediocre synthpop album - all the songs sounded almost the same and after a while it just got boring. The only song that stands out is "Bulletproof", which is a really great song.

Rammstein, Malmö Arena

MusicPosted by Andreas 19 Feb, 2010 12:06:08

A couple of days ago we went to a Rammstein concert in Malmö. It was a great and entertaining show!

Aqua - My mamma said

MusicPosted by Andreas 07 Dec, 2009 18:44:12

It's been eight years since Aqua split up. Now they're back and with a vengeance - this is a very nice song!

Yello - Touch

MusicPosted by Andreas 30 Oct, 2009 09:59:56

I would like to say that this album is great, but unfortunately I don’t think so. This album is too jazz-inspired for my taste and the female singer they use on some tracks has a voice I don’t like. A few good tracks though; Out of dawn has a nice base rhythm, Tangier blue is very soft and beautiful, and Bostich (Reflected) is a nice new remix of Bostich (my favourite Yello song).

Yello is still one of the best bands out there, but I would recommend that you buy the earlier albums instead of this one.


MusicPosted by Jenny 20 Oct, 2009 15:02:47

smileyThis should not be legal! How is it even possible to ruin a song like this? smiley

2500 CDs

MusicPosted by Andreas 19 Oct, 2009 17:45:48

That's what we bought yesterday. We got them really cheap and there is everything from classical music to metal. About 600 albums and 1900 singles to go through - it will probably take the rest of the year before we have listened to them all. But it's fun, so fun! smiley

Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da

MusicPosted by Andreas 17 Oct, 2009 17:41:18

Rammstein’s latest album has reverted a bit to the sound of their earliest albums and the songs have become darker. It is a good album although I find some of the songs too “old”.

After hearing all the songs a few times I have found some I really like; Haifisch has a very nice melody and the chorus is beautifully sad, Wiener Blut is very dark and disturbing, Roter Sand is very romantic and sad but Jenny finds the whistling disturbing, Donaukinder is very nice, and Liese in a nice remake (or is it the other way around) of Roter Sand. The rest of the songs are ok, but nothing special.

But if history has told me anything about Rammstein’s albums, it is that some of the songs will grow on you and in the end you will have new favourites…

Linda Sundblad - To all my girls

MusicPosted by Andreas 26 Sep, 2009 18:24:20

I've liked the work of Linda Sundblad ever since her time with Lambretta. This is her latest video:

Rammstein - Pussy

MusicPosted by Andreas 16 Sep, 2009 22:19:01

Rammstein occasionally make shocking videos. This time they've gone further... You won't find this video on Youtube...

La Roux - Bulletproof

MusicPosted by Andreas 18 Aug, 2009 18:36:42

The 80's are back! smiley

Depeche Mode - Peace

MusicPosted by Andreas 25 Jul, 2009 19:40:08

Powerful music video.

Michael Jackson tribute

MusicPosted by Jenny 09 Jul, 2009 18:23:27

Stockholm's tribute to Michael Jackson:

Kiss while your lips are still red

MusicPosted by Andreas 11 Jun, 2009 23:06:44

I've become totally hooked on Nightwish's song "Kiss while your lips are still red". In my opinion it's one of the best ballads ever made, if not the best. The only other songs that come close are "Mad World" by Michael Andrews, "Leaving you for me" by Martin Kesici, "Ohne dich" and "Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't die before I do)" by Rammstein and "Where the wild roses grow" by Nick Cave.