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SWEDEC 2001-06-25 - 2012-07-15

WorkPosted by Andreas 20 Jun, 2012 20:26:33

Nu har jag arbetat sista dagen på mitt gamla jobb. Som tack för de åren jag varit där fick jag en "guld"-plakett, en tavla av en lokal konstnär och en blomstercheck.

I höst börjar jag på mitt nya jobb; Saab Training Systems i Huskvarna.

Blodomloppet 5 km

WorkPosted by Andreas 23 Aug, 2011 21:49:57

Last wednesday I participated in Blodomloppet, a 5 km run through Jönköping. Ended up in place 377 of 663 (men, 5 km) and with a time of 31:07.

In digital form

WorkPosted by Andreas 27 Apr, 2010 16:59:37

Now the book I wrote about ammunition (Ammunitionslära 2009) has arrived in digital form (on a CD) as well.

Stridsvagn 103

WorkPosted by Andreas 16 Apr, 2010 18:57:41

Today I got to ride in a tank - it was so cool! smiley


WorkPosted by Andreas 10 Jul, 2009 16:04:58

Time for some vacation - six weeks to spend with the family and work (!) around the house. And maybe a trip or two.

In the news

WorkPosted by Andreas 23 Jun, 2009 15:25:11

Now the news of my book can be found on SWEDEC's homepage: Färsk handbok i ammunitionslära

In my hands

WorkPosted by Andreas 17 Jun, 2009 20:51:13

Finally! Today my book was delivered and I was able to see it in print for the first time. It is so beautiful! smiley

In stock

WorkPosted by Andreas 12 Jun, 2009 14:18:48

Yes! My book was printed yesterday and next week I will have it in my hand.

In print

WorkPosted by Andreas 11 Jun, 2009 20:27:04

Today my book about ammunition was, if all went well, printed. I have been out of town on excersises all week so I don't know if this is the case yet, but hopefully...

Next week I will finally have a printed volume in my hand. I can't wait!