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The extraordinary adventures of Adéle Blanc-Sec

MoviesPosted by Jenny 15 Oct, 2011 15:55:48


Adéle Blanc-Sec is an adventurous young lady that will let nothing stand in the way of her saving the life of her injured twin sister. If this means she has to go to Egypt to resurrect a few mummies or maybe battle a newly hatched pterodactyl, so be it.

A cute movie that had a tempo that was just a tad bit too slow.

Day of the apocalypse

MoviesPosted by Jenny 15 Oct, 2011 15:51:53


Biblical rain, dying livestock and a moon red as blood; apparently something is not quite right at the small farm. When a bad storm hits and the electricity goes out an injured young man arrives at the farmhouse door. Who is he and why is he acting so strangely?

Boring movie with no real story. This movie made no impact on me at all – I watched it just a few days ago and I have already forgotten almost everything about it, even had to read the back to remember what is was all about.

The traveler

MoviesPosted by Jenny 15 Oct, 2011 15:50:27


It is Christmas eve and the few police officers on duty in the small town police station is just waiting for their shift to be over, when a stranger walks through the door. The stranger doesn’t say much but he lets them know that he is a murderer, and they are forced to take him into custody.

Why is the man behaving so strangely and why is he so oddly familiar?

A movie that started out ok but went downhill – fast! What started out as a thriller ended up as a splatter movie, where the director seem to have been paid by the amount of gore and intestines used.

Beyond treatment

MoviesPosted by Jenny 28 Sep, 2011 20:09:34

A group of medical students wants to get rid of their phobias before starting their new lives as fearless doctors. They sign up for a strict group therapy program run by professor Gingrich, a man of many mysteries. The students soon find out that in the abandoned hospital, where the therapy sessions are held, their own fears is not the only thing that can hurt them.

The story could have been interesting; people trying to solve a serious problem, while being subjected to the very things that scare them the most. Instead we got a plot line full of holes, no suspense and uninspired actors.

A tale of two sisters

MoviesPosted by Jenny 28 Sep, 2011 19:49:55

Two sisters return home, after spending some time in an asylum. The girls return to a dark and somber house, ruled by a unloving stepmother and a weak and uncaring father.

Like most asian movies this one made little sense. The plot was strange, boring and full of holes and the actors didn't do much to hold my interest.

The A-team

MoviesPosted by Jenny 07 Sep, 2011 19:15:29


A bold team of four military veterans have been charged for crimes they didn't commit. Now they have to use all their talents to break out of prison and clear their names.

An ok action comedy, that had most of the charm I remember from the old TV-series I watched as a teenager. I probably won't see it again, but it was two hours that was going by quite rapidly.

The other guys

MoviesPosted by Jenny 07 Sep, 2011 19:13:32


Two, not so great, New York cops are destined to spend the rest of their careers behind a desk if they don't do something brave and heroic – and soon! When they stumble upon the case of their lives it is now or never. Unfortunately the case is not as easy as they hoped, and when they can't even get over their mutual hate, things can only go from bad to worse.

A very boring comedy that turned out to be an utter waste of my time. For some reason the director couldn't trust the audience to get the jokes by them selves, he had to do the same one over…and over…and over, just to make sure no one missed the point. Bleh!

Bounty hunter

MoviesPosted by Jenny 21 Aug, 2011 20:12:54


Milo Boyd is a bounty hunter that is down on his luck. His wife has left him, his apartment sucks and his job is getting him nowhere. His life seems to take a turn for the better when he gets a new assignment; to track down his ex-wife, who has escaped bail. Milo expects an easy job, one day maximum. What he gets is something completely different…

The plot could have worked, but the male character in this movie was such a loser that the love story mad no sense at all.

My bloody valentine

MoviesPosted by Jenny 21 Aug, 2011 20:09:58


Ten years ago a tragedy happened in Harmony, a small mining community. An accident in the mine leaves five men dead and the only survivor, Harry Warden, in a deep coma. One year after the accident Harry wakes up and starts killing people with a mining axe.

You get what you expect from this genre, nothing more and nothing less.


MoviesPosted by Jenny 21 Aug, 2011 20:03:00


A priest lets himself become infected with a deadly decease, to help researchers in finding a cure. When he turns out to be the only one surviving the experiment people start to treat him like a saint, a holy man, that can save sick people by touch. What people don’t know is that what the virus left behind was not making the priest a better man, but a vampire!

This movie was so boring it would have been more fun watching paint dry.

pasta, pasta, pasta...

KidsPosted by Jenny 02 Aug, 2011 18:00:54

Can you tell that Neo really, really LOVES pasta!?!smiley

Skipped parts

MoviesPosted by Jenny 29 Jul, 2011 12:02:27


When 14-year old Sam and his 28-year old mother get sent away, to not embarrass his grandfather who is running for governor, they end up in a small town in Wyoming.

In his new school Sam falls in love with Maurey, a bright young girl who doesn’t see Sam as a boyfriend, but a good friend to practice sex with.

Sam’s mother, who is more interested in parties than child rearing, teach them about sex but tell them it all have to stop when Maurey gets her first period.

This was a cute little movie about being young in the sixties.

Jack Kilborn – Afraid

BooksPosted by Jenny 06 Jul, 2011 20:41:33


Welcome to Safe Haven. Population 907… 906… 905…

When strange and deadly things start to happen, a small and isolated village, in the middle of the woods, may not be the best place to live

The book was easy to read and the story was holding up quite nicely. Some of the portrayed characters were a bit lacking , but over all it was an ok read.

Brokeback Mountain

MoviesPosted by Jenny 06 Jul, 2011 20:38:38


In this movie we get to follow two homosexual men, living in a time where being gay was the ultimate sin. They both try to hide their true selves, and live the lives that are expected of them, with tragic results.

The story in it self could have been interesting, but this movie only got depressing.

Thick as thieves (The code)

MoviesPosted by Jenny 06 Jul, 2011 20:34:51


Morgan Freeman plays Keith Ripley, an aged art and jewellery thief who has to do one big final heist to pay off a debt to the Russian mob. To be able to pull the job off he takes the help of a younger, bolder thief, played by Antonio Banderas.

Not a good movie. It was slow and kind of boring. Its only redeeming feature was Morgan Freeman, one of my all time favourite actors.

Warren Fahy - Fragment

BooksPosted by Jenny 18 Jun, 2011 17:57:38


A research ship happens upon a small and very strange island, where no one has ever set foot and survived to tell the tale of its strange inhabitants.

Where do those scary-looking creatures come from and is it at all possible to get away from them and their superior strength and speed?

At first I was a bit sceptical about this book, as the language sometimes was a bit too difficult for me (to many medical, biological and botanical terms I didn’t know), but as I read on it grew on me and I ended up liking it quite a bit.

Millenium Trilogin

MoviesPosted by Jenny 02 Jun, 2011 20:32:57


En filmserie bestående av tre filmer. ”Män som hatar kvinnor”, ”Flickan som lekte med elden” och ”Luftslottet som sprängdes”.

I den här trilogin får vi följa Lisbeth Salander; en ung kvinna med ett mycket mörkt förflutet och Mikael Blomkvist; redaktören på en reaktionär tidning.

I första filmen blir Blomkvist ombedd att försöka lösa ett trettio år gammalt försvinnande, till sin hjälp tar han den skygga och missanpassade Salander.

I de följande filmerna får vi följa Blomkvist när han försöker att nysta i Salanders förflutna, för att kunna förstå och hjälpa henne tillbaka till ett mer normalt liv.

Väldigt mörka och deprimerande filmer med osympatiska personskildringar, grov kriminalitet och maktmissbruk.

Jag är inte helt förtjust i den här typen av filmer och en av våldtäktsscenerna fick mig att lämna rummet.

James Herbert - The rats

BooksPosted by Jenny 02 Jun, 2011 20:19:58


That most cities have their fair share of rats is nothing most people even think about. Rats is just a very natural part of the urban landscape – but what happens when they start to leave their underground hideaways and take a claim on the locations we occupy and call our own?

In London rats start to appear everywhere, all of a sudden, and they are not the normal easily frightened kind. These rats are huge and they aren’t afraid of anything, quite the opposite – they soon discover that human flesh is tasty, very tasty indeed.

From reading the reviews of this book I expected something special, what I got was a bland and quite boring story that didn't make much sense and didn't rise my interest one bit.

Into the blue 2 - the reef

MoviesPosted by Jenny 13 Apr, 2011 19:45:34


A young couple runs a diving business on Hawaii, where they take tourists down to the reef. One day they are approached by a European couple that offers a lot of money to help them look for something, lost somewhere on the reef. The young couple discovers that their clients haven’t told them the truth and they soon find themselves in mortal danger.

A stupid, predictable, film where a huge part of the movie is used for zooming in on half naked people playing on the beach.

Horsemen of the apocalypse

MoviesPosted by Jenny 09 Apr, 2011 20:13:15


In a short period of time four people are found brutally murdered. When homicide investigator Aidan Breslin finds a connection between the murders and the Book of Revelations the hunt takes a turn he did not expect.

The movie was dull and very predictable. Both of us had the end figured out way, way, way before the conclusion.


KidsPosted by Jenny 01 Apr, 2011 20:24:24

Today I took the boys to a local café, needless to say they were thrilled.

Spring - finally!

LivingPosted by Jenny 01 Apr, 2011 20:20:44

Looks like the spring is finally here.

Holy water

MoviesPosted by Jenny 19 Mar, 2011 18:30:52


Four friends live in a small village in the Irish countryside. When one of them threatens to move to England, to make a better life, they decide to do something drastic. Disguised as nuns, armed with wooden rifles, they rob a truck filled with Viagra. When the shipment turns out to be worth millions of pounds and they get American special agents on their trail they decide to dump the evidence in a local well. What they didn’t expect was for the Viagra to reach the town’s water supply…

I found this movie kind of sweet. I expected a very silly comedy but found a movie filled with likable characters. For me this was a feel-good kind of movie.

Scott Sigler - Ancestor

BooksPosted by Jenny 12 Mar, 2011 16:32:10


A science team is trying to genetically create animals, with organs that can be transplanted to humans. They soon discover that nature is not the best thing to fool around with.

The research is conducted on a small and secluded island, not to draw interest by the government or scientific competitors, which turns out to be a huge problem when the animals turns out to be anything but nice and placid.

From Paris with love

MoviesPosted by Jenny 12 Mar, 2011 16:26:45


Handling boring tasks, at the American embassy in Paris, James Reese dreams about the life as a secret agent. When his dream comes true and he gets to meet his new partner, his dream soon turns into a nightmare.

An ok action movie, nothing more nothing less…

Mega shark vs giant octopus

MoviesPosted by Jenny 07 Mar, 2011 18:55:11


Two gigantic sea monsters are awoken when the polar ices starts to melt. Is the sea really big enough for both of them?

Not a very good movie (the CGI actually made me laugh out loud from time to time) but I guess we got what we paid for. I didn’t have too high expectations for this one to begin with, but I am too fond of monster movies to pass it by. smiley

Smokin' aces

MoviesPosted by Jenny 27 Feb, 2011 15:30:40


A prize has been put on Buddy Israel's head after him becoming an FBI informant. All sorts of contract killers are gathering to claim the hit, while Israel himself is doing drugs, booze and hookers.

Everyone is killing everyone, using guns, knives, chain saws and more...

Boring and pointless. Keep away!

Neo is a zombie

KidsPosted by Jenny 21 Feb, 2011 11:02:01

My boys and their toys

KidsPosted by Jenny 21 Feb, 2011 10:41:57

Patrick Redmond - Ögonsten (Apple of my eye)

BooksPosted by Jenny 21 Feb, 2011 10:33:22


Ronnie är sin mors ögonsten. I hennes ögon kan han inte göra några fel och han har blivit väldigt duktig på att gömma sitt rätta jag bakom en lydig och leende fasad.

Susan har utåt sett ett perfekt liv, hon är vacker som en dag och bor i ett stort hus i stadens rikaste kvarter. Bakom fasaden är dock inte allt som det ser ut och hennes styvfar gör hennes liv till ett rent helvete.

Vad händer när dessa två möts och deras masker faller?

En mörk och sorglig historia som bitvis fick mig att bli riktigt illa berörd.

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